5 easy ways to get immediate access to latest Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 daily reports with RDS


Below simple examples illustrating how to use our Rich Data Services API or Explorer web application to access the latest Johns Hopkins University Daily Reports time series for the United States. No data wrangling required, and metadata delivered alongside.

Change the country filter (ISO code) to switch to your preferred location, or explore our RDS COVID-19 Postman documentation to learn how to design advanced queries, use different data products, integrate into your applications or web portal, or create storytelling visuals. The Daily Reports are also available for U.S. StatesU.S. Counties

For more information or discover other data products, visit our COVID-19 and Public Data Centers.

Note that CSV data files and harvesting scripts can also be found in our COVID-19 GitHub repository.

1. View the data in your browser


Use the navigation controls to move around, or select variables of interest and go to the packaging page to download.

2. Get the data in JSON


3. Read the data in R

Visit https://github.com/mtna/rds-r  for information on our open-source R library

library(rds.r) rds <- get.rds("https://covid19.richdataservices.com/rds") catalog <- getCatalog(rds, "int") dataProduct <- getDataProduct(catalog, "jhu_country") dataSet <- rds.select(dataProduct, where = "(iso3166_1=US)", count = T) # do something

4. Read the data in Python

Visit https://github.com/mtna/rds-python  for information on our open-source Python library

from rds import Server server = Server('https://covid19.richdataservices.com/rds') catalog = server.get_catalog('int') dataproduct = catalog.get_dataproduct('jhu_country') dataSet = dataproduct.select(where = ['(iso3166_1=US)'], collimit = 25, coloffset = 0, limit = 25, offset = 0, count = True) # do something

5. Read the data in JavaScript

Visit https://github.com/mtna/rds-js  for information on our open-source JavaScript library

import { RdsServer, RdsCatalog, RdsDataProduct, RdsSelectParameters, HttpResponse } from '@rds/sdk'; const server = new RdsServer('https://covid19.richdataservices.com/rds'); const catalog = new RdsCatalog(server, 'int'); const dataProduct = new RdsDataProduct(catalog, 'jhu_country'); const params: RdsSelectParameters = { where: '(iso3166_1=US)', collimit: 25, coloffset: 0, limit: 25, offset: 0, count: true }; dataProduct .select(params) .then(res => { /* Do something */ });