RDS Explorer: Accessing Data


Select variables

First, you’ll need to select your variables. You can select a subset of variables by clicking the variable header in the table, and then adding it to your selections via the blue select button in the top right, or add all variables at once with the “Select All” button at the top. The GIF below shows both methods.

The blue notification badge on the left sidebar indicates how many variables you have added to the data package. Once you are happy with your variable selections, click the packaging tab.

Choose formats

The Package Review tab gives an overview of what has been chosen.

To specify a packaging format, navigate to the “add output format(s)” bar, and browse through the different formats.

The “bundles” tab allows for selecting multiple formats at once, while the “all formats” tab allows for adding specific formats one by one. Note that you can remove an individual format once it has been added by clicking the icon to its left.

Download data

Once one or more formats are selected, click “Package and Download” and your download will begin.

Finally, download the data from the Data Extracts popup. All of your data extracts from the current session are available for download at any time by clicking the Data Extracts icon.



Need help packaging and downloading data via the API? Visit the API documentation on Swagger or Postman